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There are things that we cannot express in words, it is either we are to shy or maybe we just don’t know what to say. Sending flowers is the other way of telling people what we feel. For more than centuries now, people have used flowers to express gratitude, sympathy, love, care, appreciation and many more. Flowers have been the perfect choice if you want to put a smile on your loved ones face.

There are people with talents that can transform flowers into a magnificent flower arrangement. And these people often own a flower shop. Columbus Flowers is a family owned and operated business for more than 12 years. They have been giving people quality products and magnificent one of kind flower arrangements. Their years of experience have provided them with wide range of flower ideas, designs and concepts. They can make bouquets that your sweetheart will surely love, make colorful basket of flowers for your boss, or maybe you can have your flower arrangement accessorized by stuffed animals or chocolates. They certainly know how to make your dream floral arrangements. They have a wide collection of flowers ranging from colorful roses, baby’s breath, prime rose, daffodil, tulips, lilies and many more. All their flowers are freshly cut from their floral garden, other variety of flowers are from other countries like France and Switzerland. All these flowers are guaranteed to say fresh and beautiful for 7 days. They are well taken care of from bud to blossom by experts. Columbus flowers have talented and expert florists that can create all kinds of designs and arrangements that can fit any occasions. They are the best in making one of a kind floral arrangement that matches no other.

So if you’re looking for great flower arrangements then you must come and check on COLUMBUS FLOWERS. They have a shop that opens every 8am and closes at 5pm Monday to Saturday. You can choose your fresh flowers and talk to our florist for the kind of arrangement and design you like. But if you’re too busy to visit the shop you can also check on our website. We have floral catalogs with wide array of flowers and floral arrangement and designs categorized by season and occasion. You can check on it anytime of the day and order directly online, even at wee hours. You can also email our florist for certain specification that you like on your arrangement or concepts or ideas you want to share to create your perfect gift. We promise to respond to you quickly. Our website is 100% secured so you can place your order easily and hassle free.

If there is something you can’t say then do it with flowers. COLUMBUS FLOWERS will help you express what you truly feel. With COLUMBUS FLOWERS you’re in the best hands. They guarantee to give you quality products, fresh and beautiful flower and flower arrangements at very reasonable prices. Hurry now and check on us. We give 10% discounts on orders above $50. We also give free vases and basket on selected floral arrangement. What are you waiting for! Check on us now! And avail of our special promos, freebies and discounts.


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